Brand Dialogue

Business area: Creative Branding Agency
Brief: Branding, mission statement, advertising, e-dm, website and marketing materials

Brand Dialogue was previously known as Dialogue by Design. With the decision to make the agency a brand focussed operation called Brand Dialogue, the requirement for a new brand arose, along with a redefinition of its mission statement.

Using a holistic approach to ensure consistency across all comms, the proposition or core value of the brand was defined as 'Brand Dialogue. The brand shop.'. The advertising and other marketing materials then grew out of this statement.

The idea for a vending machine selling all the services offered by the business was developed and this was also applied to e-dm comms and the company website.

The logo was designed to be above all clear and simple. It utilises a distinct one-colour palette and the logo device incorporates inverted commas that also double as speech bubbles to reflect the 'dialogue' element of the brand, which remained an integral part of the business approach.

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